EcoStiks patches are your eco-friendly solution for custom fabric peel & stick patches for promoting, branding and retail. ♻️ Made from recycled water bottles.
Promote the earth while promoting your brand. 🌎

We believe small waves make big waves.

We promote the earth, reuse, and upcycling while promoting your brand.

EcoStiks patches are a unique platform for brand expression – sharing with others in an opportunity to take part in protecting our communities and environment, one EcoStiks patch at a time.

Customizable, Sustainable, Durable, Versatile & Universal. 

Woman owned and operated. 


About EcoStiks™

This Is What We Do

EcoStiks™ mission is to create the best customizable, sustainable, durable, versatile, and universal peel & stick patch alternative to traditional branding and promotional stickers & patches currently on the market.  

We fabricate custom crafted, long lasting FABRIC stick on patches made from recycled plastic water bottles for environmentally and socially conscious consumers focusing on quality, durability, sustainability, a living wage, and adventure.  

Our goal is to bring awareness to the overuse of single use plastics and the benefits of upcycling while also promoting and supporting like minded brands.   

Our EcoStiks™ are not only eye-catching and unique, but they also have a dual purpose! While they do work as regular stickers, EcoStiks™ can be used as patches. Fix a hole in your favorite clothing, surfboard bag, puffy jacket…and transform it into a new piece of branded gear.

EcoStiks is also a member of PPAI – Promotional Products Association International. 

Promote your business with EcoStiks™
and help Save the planet!

Plastic Bottles Upcycled
eco friendly vinyl stickers

A Class of Its Own

Our fabric stick on patches are made from fabric upcycled from recycled plastic water bottles. Most patches and stickers are made from vinyl and plastic, both of which are harmful to the environment. Go sustainable with EcoStiks™!

compostable stickers

Transform Your Events

EcoStiks™' help transform every event, business convention, wedding, concert or party. It's your a one-of-a-kind, all terrain, ultra sustainable, fabric stik-y solution.

Use On Any Surface

Yoga mats, surfboards, jackets, flashlights, martini shakers, use as a coaster, tent repair, shoe repair, decorate skateboards, helmets, backpacks, shirts and anything else you can think of!

eco friendly stickers

Instantly Memorable

First impressions matter and EcoStiks™ deliver the wow factor with a unique, attention-grabbing style. Plus they are made to last with super-strength adhesive and waterproof materials rolled into a fabric stick on patch.

I love these fabric stick on patches. They can go on anything! We used them to customize hip bags at a recent conference. Attendees loved them b/c they were eco-friendly and unique. We loved them b/c they showcased that our company also cares about the environment.


A Few of Our Happy and Environmentally Conscious EcoStiks Customers. Check out more on the EcoStiks Gallery!
eco friendly sticker material
eco friendly sticker material
stand out with our eco friendly stickers

Our Website Even Saves Trees

How concerned are we about the environment at EcoStiks™? Not only do our custom, eco-friendly stick on patch help save the planet, but this website is being powered through an EPA Green Power Partnership.

Julie Schneiderman


I am the Founder and CEO of EcoStiks™. I am a passionate advocate for community, humanity, the arts, adventure, bantering ideas, disrupting the ordinary and striving to be a good human.

Alison Soens


I am a freelance graphic designer and artist. In my free time I enjoy skateboarding, roller skating, and surfing with my family and friends.

The Team

Meet The Team Behind EcoStiks™

Who are we, what do we stand for and how did we come to be? Click the button below to learn more about us.


Our Rave Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what people just like you have to say about their wonderful experience with EcoStiks™.

What I love about EcoStiks™ is that they are attention grabbers. Not only does it get brands noticed, but it gets people talking about them too. And all from an eco-friendly stick on patch!

Stephani P. Corporate Events

EcoStiks™ makes it dead simple to get my business branding on everything, from shirts and jackets, to water bottles, laptops and smartphones. Get them. You won't regret it.

Jason W. Small Business Owner


Got Questions? We Have Answers

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about EcoStiks™.

eco friendly stickers made from recycled plastic
Where are your EcoStiks™ made?

EcoStiks are made at a socially and environmentally conscious female owned and operated creative print shop and art studio in Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone and Arts District, California.

Are your products eco-friendly?
  • Our EcoStiks are made in part from Repreve®, a fabric upcycled from recycled water bottles NOT toxic or single use plastics.  Find out the good works Repreve is doing:

  • We use environmentally friendly inks and a sublimation process that is less harmful to the environment than other types of heat transfers.

  • We print and manufacture in small batches, giving us the ability to reduce waste and increase efficiency. 

  • We use recycled alternatives for items in our manufacturing or shipping process, including using shipping envelopes, boxes and packing paper that are made from recycled or upcycled materials. 

  • We are UPS Carbon Neutral Partners. This program supports other projects that offset carbon emissions such as reforestation and wastewater treatment. You can read more about this program on the UPS website.

Read our Sustainability pledge here for more information about how we are working to support our environment.

Tell me more about your EcoStiks?
  • EcoStiks are durable, rugged, can stretch, be used as a patch, are sun resistant, waterproof, and stik to most surfaces, including surfboards, computers, water bottles, fabric, bike helmets, etc. 

  • Each EcoStik is HANDCRAFTED with ♥️love♥️ and may vary slightly in size, color and shape. 

Do you sell gift cards?

Coming soon!

Do you have discount codes for students or first time purchasers?

Yes, you can get 10% off your first purchase when you sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page (look for the SAVE 10% ON YOUR FIRST ORDER option with email submit field at the bottom of the page)

Do you do “rush” print orders?

Generally, we guarantee print between 5-7 business days after a proof is approved.  We are limited by our unique small batch production method and increased demand for our EcoStiks.  However, we can “rush” an order,  but there is an extra cost associated with expedited orders, depending on the quantity, project details and inventory. 

How does shipping work around business days and holidays?

Our shipments go out Monday through Friday in line with our production schedule and hours, excluding federal holidays within the United States.  

Please see our Shipping and Returns page for more information.

Where are you located?

We have a print shop and art studio in Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone and Arts District, California – along with a recording studio, retail, art gallery and event space.  Come visit! We also work with a printing partner Dwell Point Printing art studio based in Sacramento, California for larger print jobs. 

Do you have a Referral Partner program?

Yes, we are currently seeking referral partners –  If you’d like to become a partner please contact us here.

How do I get in touch with the PR or Marketing department for marketing opportunities or a press request?

For all marketing and PR inquiries please contact us here.

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