The Case For Corporate Sustainability

EcoStiks™ For The Planet

A survey conducted in 2021 by consulting firm Simon-Kucher & Partners found that across the globe, consumers consider sustainability an important factor in purchasing decisions. This survey, which obtained responses from 10,281 consumers across 17 different countries, found that 85% of consumers have become more “green” with their purchasing choices in recent years. In the United States, 61% of respondents stated that sustainability is an important criteria for their purchasing decisions. The importance of sustainability was ranked highest among millennial and gen z consumers. With these percentages likely to rise as gen z gains more purchasing power in the coming decades, it will be essential for companies to either adapt or become obsolete. 

However, not all adaptations are created equal. Companies whose strategies focus on marketing themselves as sustainable instead of actually making meaningful changes to their business practices are doing little in the fight against climate change.  There are many ways a company can go sustainable.  One of the easiest and most cost effective is to purchase or sell products that are eco-friendly and green and/or working with vendors by using upcycled materials.  Ecostiks can be the first step or a continued part of a corporation’s mission for sustainability.  Not only is it good for the company, its brand and employees, it is good for the environment. 


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