Meet EcoStiks’ Artist Alison Soens

EcoStiks celebrates Women’s History Month!  Women’s History Month empowers young girls and women around the world with courage, self-esteem and willpower to walk in our ancestors’ footsteps. Our history will also inspire current and future generations to emulate the women who laid the framework for us to succeed, be treated equitably and be recognized in society.

As a women owned and operated business, EcoStiks supports local female artists, visionaries, organizations and environmental advocates. EcoStiks has an art studio and print shop in Santa Barbara, California’s Funk Zone and Arts District. We work with a variety of female graphic designers,artists, musicians, bands, brands, and photographers to expand their creative work reaching new audiences with EcoStiks.

The truth is women have never been treated equally in the art world, and today they remain dramatically underrepresented and undervalued.  EcoStiks is closing the gap on gender inequality in the arts by providing female artists with a low cost, expansive solution to sharing their creative work and representing the broader art market.

EcoStiks celebrates women year-round, but since it is Women’s History Month we’ll be highlighting different women who have impacted the world for the better! Follow along on our instagram to see all our female artists @ecostiks. 

Meet Alison Soens. She is one of EcoStiks’ female artists, currently narrowing the gender gap in the arts.


“If there is one message I want to share with other women today, it is to let go of ALL judgment, and we ARE powerful. I designed my “Chica Power” EcoStik to sell at artisan markets to demonstrate this.”

Born on Long Island, New York and hailing from St. Augustine, Florida, Alison is a graphic designer and artist living and working on the Southern Coast of CA. What she appreciates most about being an artist is the freedom to create and express herself with no rules however and whenever she likes. Her appreciation and love for the beauty of nature is omnipresent in her art.

Alison’s current projects include graphic design, block printing on paper and upcycled clothing, bleach dying and tie dying fabrics.

Here at EcoStiks, we love partnering with artists to share their talents in a new medium. EcoStiks is proud to be a Women Owned and operated Business!

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