How It All Began: The Story Behind EcoStiks

What’s up! I’m Julie, founder and creator of EcoStiks. I wanted to give you a little background on the how and why I started this eco conscious, custom patch business. Buckle up, you’re in for a treat!

 I was working a full time job in corporate law, with my 2 kids at home, a new puppy, and on the American grind. I was feeling the burn out creeping up real quick and felt I wasn’t living authentically. I often thought to myself, “How can I live a life using my passion connecting with the community, and giving back to our environment.” Thus EcoStiks was born! 


Out of the love of surfing and self expression I came up with the idea of an eco friendly custom patch that can stik to a wet suit. This way surfers would be able to express themselves and bring art and design to the boring, all black wetsuit. After some research we quickly discovered it was really difficult to produce an eco-friendly patch that could stick on that type of material. But we didn’t let that stop us, we knew there was a way for us to create a sustainable product and impact the world!

Fast forward to present day, EcoStiks now creates patches that can stick to pretty much every surface (except for those wetsuits) and has shifted to community outreach, promotional products, local artists, and nonprofits. 

Much of swag that is often shared at events ends up in landfills and further contributes to our Earth being filled with toxic plastics, emissions, and other pollutants. We are here to provide a durable, long lasting, eco friendly solution to the often cheap and plastic swag being passed around. Using this eco-friendly, custom branding, fabric patch will elevate your design while being kind to the environment. A win win!


I often think people want to do good, they just don’t know how. 


EcoStiks is giving people an opportunity to make a difference by supporting the environment and passionate lifestyles. This is why my business was created around art, supporting and uplifting each other, and finding a way we help the environment. EcoStiks makes the perfect promotional tool to add to any swag bag whether it be corporate, a wedding, or artists.


It’s time to change the world, one EcoStiks Patch at a time! 

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