How Do YOU Stik it?

Here at EcoStiks it is so important to continuously make eco-conscious choices in our day to day lives and our purchases. EcoStiks are proud members of 1% for the Planet, a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions. Being a custom eco-friendly patch that stiks, there are so many different ways to stik it! Here’s 6 ways you too can stik it…

  1. These high quality, durable patches make for a great actual patch for your clothes, tents, blankets, and even boots! 

As an eco-conscious business we strive to grow awareness to the on going struggles that our planet is facing with the mass production of products and consuming. The fashion industry has a significant impact on the environment and climate throughout the life cycle of clothes due to emissions of greenhouse gasses and pollutants. The textile sector is a growing contributor to the climate crisis. Instead of throwing out your ripped or well worn clothes, camping gear, or favorite blanket, make the eco-friendly choice to patch them up with a custom EcoStiks patch. These patches stik permanently making it the easiest, smartest upcycle fix!

         2. EcoStiks patches make for the perfect eco-friendly branding tool/promotional swag. 

How is your brand eco-friendly? Environmentally-friendly brands save money, have greater productivity, enjoy competitive advantages, and set a positive example through their actions. With so many easy ways of going green, there’s simply no reason not to adopt environmental responsibility as a core part of your business strategy. Our patches can represent your brand while show casing your eco-conscious values. Most companies use promotional items at some time, and your strategy is important because promotional items will represent your brand. Unfortunately, most promotional items (and almost everything in our society) end up in the landfill.  Placing your logo on these patches can elevate your branding tools while limiting the use of single use plastics. They can stik on hats, water bottles, helmets, jackets, car windows, and so much more. 

           3. EcoStiks patches make for a beautiful eco-friendly way to personalize your Wedding stickers. 

For couples planning a wedding, the environmental impact of the ceremony and all that goes with it is rarely a priority—especially for those with smaller budgets. The initial search isn’t for sustainable, eco-friendly wedding options. The EcoStik patch can be one eco-friendly choice for your big day. These patches make for a classy options for wedding keepsakes, high quality sticker options for welcome bags, and personalized vases. These patches can even be customized with photographs of the happy couple!

         4. EcoStiks was founded on the love of suffering so naturally these patches belong on surf boards! 

They can be used as a repair option for dings on your board. Water and sun resistant these patches are so durable that you can bring them into the ocean with you and your board. They are also a fun and creative way to personalize your surfboard and bring some self expression into the water.

          5. These fabric patches also can be a blank canvas for your art. 

EcoStiks makes it possible to create and print high quality, eco-friendly patches to promote your own art.

          6. EcoStik patches add the finishing touches to personalizing gift baskets around the holidays. 

Adding a custom patch that sticks on to any gift basket will create a personal touch unlike any other. Each item in the basket, like wine bottles, candles,and baked goods can display your logo, a photo, or even a kind message while being eco-friendly and not contributing to the single use plastic problem.

At EcoStiks, you are in charge! How do YOU stik it?

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