Heal The Ocean – a non-profit that focuses on wastewater infrastructure and ocean dumping practices that have contributed to ocean pollution

EcoStiks was founded on the love of surf, community, and the ocean. We consider the environment and sustainability a top priority, continuously growing our practices and researching new eco-friendly options. Our goal is to bring awareness to the overuse of single use plastics that will eventually end up in our oceans. 

EcoStiks has made our patches environmentally friendly so that not only are we not adding to the “fast sticker and patch waste” market, but we are taking the trash out of our aquatic friends’ natural habitats. 

Heal the Ocean focuses on watershed infrastructure like sewers and septic systems, as well as ocean dumping practices that have contributed to ocean pollution.  

President and Executive Director of Heal the Ocean, Hilary Hauser, has not only made a huge impact on our oceans but has also left her mark on EcoSticks. Hilary has been a writer, journalist, and news reporter since 1968. Hilary’s many accomplishments make it very clear why she is an inspiration and someone to look up to. She has published books about the sea and underwater exploration, and magazine articles including National Geographic, GEO, Islands, The Surfer’s Journal, Reader’s Digest, and Los Angeles Times. Hillary’s talents don’t stop at environmental activist either, she also was the former music critic for the Santa Barbara News-Press and is a long-time classical pianist. 


“I started EcoStiks on the love of surf, community, self expression and preservation in a transitory time in my life.  The ocean was, and is, my place of refuge.  My commitment to protecting it runs deep, the love and protection I give to it, is the love and protection I give to myself.” 

-Julie, Owner of EcoStiks

It is extremely important to EcoStiks, “Heal the Ocean”, our community, and our future selves to protect the oceans. Besides the fact that oceans are home to countless marine species, they also greatly contribute to the health of animals that live on land and provide many benefits to humans. According to the National Ocean Service, the ocean produces more than 50 percent of the planet’s oxygen and it regulates our climate and weather patterns. We also rely on the ocean to transport goods, and it contributes to the worldwide economy through tourism, food, and other industries. Not to mention, communities across the globe rely on fish for protein and ocean ingredients used to make modern medicine. Thus, we must work together to protect and save the ocean for the sake of our future survival on this planet. 

Despite all of these incredible benefits, climate change and human impacts are causing our oceans’ health to rapidly diminish and deteriorate. That’s why we, EcoStiks, are calling on you to help us protect the ocean and be mindful of the products you are purchasing. 

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