EcoStiks becomes member of PPAI – Promotional Products Association International with a goal of providing Eco-friendly alternatives for corporate promotional stickers and patches.

EcoStiks becomes member of PPAI – Promotional Products Association International with a goal of providing Eco-friendly alternatives for corporate promotional stickers and patches.

Since 1903, PPAI has been the standard-setting international trade association for the promotional products industry.  PPAI is the world’s  largest non-for-profit promotional products trade association with a 120- year history of serving members and 500,000 professionals.

In the U.S. today, promotional products are a 24 billion dollar industry.  The average person owns  at least 30 promo items alone. And it’s effective: research indicates promotional products may be the most  “high-impact, cost- effective advertising medium,” significantly increasing both deals and impressions. 

Unfortunately, promotional products generally end up in landfills.

Most recipients of conventional branded merchandise don’t hold onto the promotional products long, in most cases less than a year.  The majority of these mass-distributed items are tossed in the trash. 

The result? Massive plastic pollution.

A plastic bag can take up to1000 years to decompose. One small plastic pen can take as long as 450 years. Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean,  killing over 100,000 marine mammals and turtles,  plus over a million seabirds. 

Single-use plastic waste is an enormous problem today.  

EcoStiks is one solution to the plastic problem in the promotional products and custom corporate swag market.  Most companies have a sticker and/or patch marketing campaign.  Stickers and Patches are a low cost marketing solution that drives results for branding and awareness. 

At EcoStiks we consider the environment and sustainability a top priority.  We work with the promotional industry, using our EcoStiks as a platform for environmental change and bringing awareness to single use plastics.  EcoStiks are custom fabric stick on patches made from recycled water bottles for promoting, branding and retail. 

We are proud members of 1% for the Planet, a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions.

Our EcoStiks™ are made in part from Repreve®, a fabric upcycled from recycled water bottles NOT toxic or single use plastics.  Find out the good works Repreve is doing:

We use environmentally friendly inks and a sublimation process that is less harmful to the environment than other types of heat transfers.

We print and manufacture in small batches, giving us the ability to reduce waste and increase efficiency. 

We are certified as a California Green

We have interns from UC, Santa Barbara, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, as environmental ambassadors to ensure we are connected to the community, relevant partnerships and on-point with current research and sustainable initiatives. 

We use upcycled and/or recycled materials, fixtures and furniture in our offices.  

We are replacing our bulbs with LED bulbs in every light at EcoStiks as older bulbs burn out. 

We use recycled alternatives for items in our manufacturing or shipping process, including using shipping envelopes, boxes and packing paper that are made from recycled or upcycled materials. 

We host our websites using the leading eco-friendly web hosting provider.

We are working with scientists to do research on innovative eco-friendly solutions to the current adhesive dilemma.

We support community events including Earth Day, Beach Clean Ups, water initiatives and environmentally focused organizations.  

We look forward to being part of PPAI and making an environmental impact for promotional products as a supplier and a member!

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