EcoStiks™ are customizable fabric stick on patches made from recycled water bottles.

At EcoStiks™, you’re in charge. Create fully custom eco-friendly fabric stick on patches with ease. Whether you need a simple logo or a bold piece of artwork or photograph, we’ve got you covered.

Custom EcoStiks™ stick on patches are the easiest and most cost effective way to promote your business, event, or even your own artwork sourcing sustainable materials.  Our custom fabric eco-friendly stick on patches are durable and are made from a long-lasting waterproof material made from recycled water bottles. 

 EcoStiks eco-friendly fabric stick on patches are designed to last and are made from environmentally friendly materials, so that not only are we not adding to the “fast sticker and patch waste” market, but we are taking the trash out of our aquatic friends natural habitats.

Simply follow the artwork guidelines, and watch your personalized creation come to life.

EcoStiks™ is focused on creating a unique environmentally friendly “sticker” experience

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